All posters 12"x36",  lithographed in USA on premium matte finish stock. Click on any image for details. Chiles Fresco (12"x36" Poster) 12-3601
Chiles Fresco
Chiles Seco (12"x36" Poster) 12-3602
Chiles Seco
Mediterranean (12"x36" Posters) 12-3605
Continental (12"x36" Posters) 12-3608
India and China (12"x36" Posters) 12-3606
India & China
Southeast Asia (12"x36" Poster) 12-3607
Southeast Asia
American Grill (12"x36" Poster) 12-3604
American Grill
Salt (12"x36" Poster) 12-3603
The fundamental  building blocks of any cuisine are the spices upon which it is based. The five regional cuisines featured in this series are India & China, Southeast Asia, American Grill, Mediterranean, and Continental. Each poster shows spices and blends commonly used in the region and lists their countries of origin, flavor profiles, and typical usage. The series also includes best-sellers Chiles Fresco and Chiles Seco, reinterpreted in the versatile 12x36 format, and Salt, outlining the locations, processes, and culinary applications of the world's only edible rock.