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Tim Howe Wall Art

Tim Howe was born and brought up in New Zealand. He was surrounded by the overwhelming majesty and vastness of the landscape of New Zealand. And this is what inspired him to express the limitless beauty of nature through his art. After his graduation from the Wellington School of Design, in New Zealand, he immigrated to the US and established his design studio in San Diego. Howe is a painter with an unusual blending of styles that attract both the contemporary and traditional collectors alike. His expression of personality is evident in all his works. He strives to always create pieces that reach out to the hearts of viewers. Howe began traveling throughout Europe, capturing nature’s beauty through every season with his landscapes. Though he was strongly influenced by the Impressionist painters, he devoted himself to developing his own contemporary style. He lets his palette and brush express the imagination, and his painting process is guided by his wild imaginations. The Mediterranean atmosphere proved to be the perfect backdrop for his painterly style. Howe prefers to achieve quality without adding too much detail or sophistication. He prefers to keep everything simple and doesn’t want too much detail to destroy his unique style.

He incorporates dramatic use of texturing and color to capture his subject matter with a unique contemporary flair. With lively vigorous brushstrokes and vivid accents, he continues his search for new images of familiar subjects. There is never a limit in his techniques, his subject matter, or his stylistic development.
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